Expand Your Fleet With Factoring

With constant Cash-Flow you can focus on growing your business and not wondering how you're going to pay your drivers, fuel, and insurance.

Don't stop growing because of Cash-Flow.

Limited access to constant capital can be a massive blockade to growing your business, especially transportation. We know that it’s challenging to focus on the growth of your business when you’re worrying about how you’re going to pay your expenses. With xfund Invoice Factoring we put an end to this so you can finally start thinking about the growth of your business. 

Benefits of Transportation Factoring.

Holding receivables for months cost small and mid-sized transportation business as much as $3 trillion anually. That menas that your capital is being held and you are not able to continuisly run your business without the sufficient cash-flow to do so. That’s where xfund Invoice Factroing comes in to play.