Eliminate Cash-Flow Problems Grow Your Business

With invoice factoring, managing your business gets a whole lot easier. Without constantly thinking about how your going to pay your bills, you can finally focus on the long-term growth of your business.

What is Invoice Factoring?


Factoring is a smart but simple solution for your business, no matter the model. It can be used to fix a temporary cash problem with-in your business or use it to backup your business completely, discover what xfund has to offer.

Acess your capital now, not when your debtors feel like it.

There are countless industries where debtors expect long payment terms, which leaves you waiting months to get paid. With factoring, you’ll make waiting for money a thing of the past. With hands on access to capital at all times, you are finally able to think about paying your expenses and reinvesting cash into your business.

When opportunies come, be prepared!

Shortening payment periods means quicker reinvestment and better flexibility. By Factoring, you can jump at any opportunity that comes your way, with your own funds! This way you can confidently meet the demands of your clients and focus on the long term growth of your business.

Let us worry about your Cash-Flow and you worry about growing your business.

Your time and energy is money. So why waste that chasing and waiting months for invoices. Allow us to give you instant cash so you can put that energy into building your empire.